Meet our new Board Member, Josh Riley

We are pleased to announce our newest executive board member and treasurer, Josh Riley. Josh came to us from U.S. Bank and their recent sponsorship of the Foundation, bringing a lot of enthusiasm for our cause and many valuable ties to the dental community.

U.S. Bank is one of largest dental practice solution providers in the country. Partnering with dentists in all of the 25 states they service, U.S. Bank is able to help finance, grow and improve dental practices.

Josh met with Joan’s Foundation Board Members late last year to discuss the objectives and vision of the Foundation.

“After reflecting on our initial discussion,” Riley said,  “I knew that not only did participation in [Joan’s Foundation] echo U.S. Bank’s commitment to building strong vibrant communities, but that there was a synergy between Joan’s Foundation and our practice finance division that could be leveraged to help achieve the overall goal of the foundation (early detection, treatment and ultimately, elimination.)”

Additionally, Josh’s family used to own a small dental supply company in Central Ohio. His first-hand knowledge of the dental industry, his contacts in the dental community and his deep commitment to raising head and neck cancer awareness will be a great asset to the organization.

“I hope that I can one day reflect on my participation with the Foundation and know that I helped put an end to a stage 4 diagnoses,” Riley said.

With the help of Josh and the team at U.S. Bank we hope to reach out to even more doctors, dentists, and hygienists this year and increase awareness of this truly horrible disease. Josh has taken up our cause with great enthusiasm and we are very grateful and excited to have him on board.



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