Joan Levy Bisesi Foundation Launches Innovative ‘Preceptor’ App

After more than a year of hard work and development, all of us here at the Joan Levy Bisesi Foundation are both proud and very excited to announce the launch of our new mobile application, ‘Preceptor.’


 What is ‘Preceptor’ you might ask?

‘Preceptor’ is an innovative app that connects members of our  Dental  Partnership with cancer experts at the Ohio State University  James  Cancer Hospital, making it easier than ever to pre-screen  their patients  for oral cancer.

The app works in two parts. First, the dentist, hygienist or dental  assistant captures and submits photos of a suspicious sore or lesion  in  the mouth. Then, within 48 hours, those anonymous photos are  reviewed for potential threats by a team of oncologists and, if  necessary, flagged for additional follow-up.

With ‘Preceptor,’ no matter where our members are, they’ll have access to a world-class team of cancer experts.


The idea for ‘Preceptor’ grew from a feature that had already existed on our website for some time. While it was always a great concept, we wanted to make it even better by integrating some of the amazing mobile technology at our disposal. So we hired a team of app developers and got to work creating a tool that was not only valuable and potentially life saving, but also accessible and easy to use. The result was ‘Preceptor.’

The new and improved app features better security and allows for members to submit new cases anonymously, in order to protect the privacy of their patients. It is also available in both the Apple or Android app stores, meaning members can access and submit photos to the app right from any Apple or Android device!


What is Joan’s Foundation’s Dental Partnership all about?

Joan’s Foundation’s Dental Partnership is an integral part of our outreach efforts. As we say quite often, dental professionals are on the front line of defense against oral, head and neck cancers. They’re one of very few people in our lives who see first hand what’s going on inside of our mouths, meaning they are likely one of the first people to notice if something doesn’t look right.

Through our Dental Partnership, we offer dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants access to valuable resources, the latest oral cancer information, continuing education courses, and appointment referrals. Essentially, we work to provide our members with the skills and tools they need to effectively screen and diagnose their patients for oral cancers.


‘Preceptor’ is available for download now, exclusively to our Dental Partners. Click here to register as a member today! .

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