About Dental Partnership

The Joan’s Foundation Dental Community Partnership

Because dental professionals are on the front line of defense against oral cancer, and early detection saves lives!

By partnering with Joan’s Foundation you are helping us reach our goal of improving lives through education, awareness,seal and survivorship and by raising funds to support head and neck cancer research.

Joan’s Foundation Dental Partners are educated in current best practices of oral cancer screening and diagnosis, so an inspection of the teeth is only part of their exams. They also check for irregular tissues that could mean the presence of oral cancer. If a site looks suspicious, they can immediately take steps for further analysis, diagnosis and, when determined necessary, referral for tissue biopsy. In addition, Joan’s Foundation Dental Partners are working to increase awareness and educate the public about the risk factors of head, neck and oral cancer.

Member Benefits:

By partnering with Joan’s Foundation your membership includes but is not limited to:

  • • Streamlined patient diagnosis and referrals to The James Cancer Hospital
  • • Analysis of suspicious findings-Joan’s Foundation members can send photos of suspicious lesions, via the Joan’s Foundation Preceptor App, for analysis by a head and neck team surgeon
  • • Referred patient appointments within 48 business hours
  • • Consultations regarding patient diagnosis between member dentists and the head and neck surgeons team
  • • Refer your patients to our website for education on Head and Neck Cancer
  • • HNC Facts
  • • FAQ
  • • Participation in education and awareness campaigns

We truly appreciate your support of the Joan’s Foundation Dental Partnership!

Memberships are renewable annually

What are my dues used for?

Membership dues are reinvested in you by providing the highest quality benefits and services possible. They provide business operations to ensure organizational effectiveness through technology infrastructure, financial services, facilities services, and human resources to serve the needs of affiliates and members.

$200 registers an entire practice – Purchase membership via Paypal, Credit Card, Check, Cash


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